Karen Richards

Advisor, CPA, Past President, Director of Finance & Administration New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Grace, strength and fortitude – Karen is the embodiment of all these.  Quiet, reserved but quick to laugh would also describe Karen.  “I will agree to being vice president as long as I never have to be president” she told Keith Hayes in 2003.   Active on our board from 1995 to 2012, she served as vice president for 9 years. With grace, strength and fortitude she assumed the role of president upon the untimely passing of our president Keith Hayes in 2011. 

During her tenure, among other things, she guided the organization through the financial quagmire that can be associated with land transactions which has led to over 1,000 acres put into preservation.  Karen also did our “990” (tax filing) every year and as an advisor mentored the incoming treasurer on how to do the same.  She continues to make herself available. 

In short, she is an asset on which you can’t put a price. 

The Land Trust is indebted to her for her contributions and for her grace, strength, fortitude … and humor.