Tim Morris

Advisor, Director of Stewardship New Jersey Conservation Foundation

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to devote so much time to working on land preservation efforts in my home town”

In 2003, the Doris Duke Charitable Trust (“Duke”) provided a grant to the New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF) for an innovative program called Shared Staffing, which provided an experienced staff person to three local New Jersey land trusts that otherwise rely largely on volunteers. Washington Township Land Trust, benefited greatly from the help of Tim Morris. “Tim was able to jump start a number of important land protection projects throughout the township … that involved almost 400 acres of the township’s remaining critical open space parcels.” according to the then Land Trust president Keith Hayes.

After the grant expired, Tim stayed on as a Trustee

A Trustee from 2002-2011 his increasing responsibilities at NJCF required Tim to step down off of the board.  Tim is now a valued and trusted advisor to the Land Trust.  As an advisor, Tim was instrumental in setting up our Deer Management Program.  Demonstrating that he is always there to offer his expertise, advice, guidance and assistance when we need it.