Morris County Historic Preservation Trust (MCHPT) – July 14, 2021, awarded the Washington Township Land Trust a $23,616 Stabilization Grant.  1772 New Jersey Historic Trust provided the matching $5,904 for a total of $29,520. This money will be used to lessen the moisture damage to the Mill through the


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP LAND TRUST AWARDED TWO CRITICAL FUNDING GRANTS Morris County Historic Preservation Trust – July 28, 2021, for $144,000 New Jersey Historic Trust – September 29, 2021, recommended for $36,000 Both, totaling $180,000, will be used to fund DESIGN PHASE I – Engineering and the Start of Design


WINS THEIR LAST GAME  … NOW ITS OFF TO THE PLAY OFFS!! 9 to 8 It was a nail biter. Scoring the winning run in the last inning ending the season 6-3-1. Thanks to Coach Chris Kanach and Assistant Coach Joe Koller for making the team what it is

Hedgerows Fall 2020

The Historic Preservation Plan Before an historical property can be restored, it must be preserved; that is, its basic structure must be intact. That has been the focus of WTLT volunteers since 1991. In 1997 a draft of our first “preservation plan” for the Obadiah La Tourette Grist and

Preservation Plan Update

THE HISTORIC PRESERVATION PLAN             Preservation planning is a process that organizes preservation activities (identification, evaluation, registration and treatment of historic properties) in a logical sequence. … Preservation planning is based on the following principles: Important historic properties cannot be replaced if they are destroyed. Jun 18, 2001 National Park Service (.gov) › history Secretary’s

2020 Annual Meeting

Fellow Trustees and Members You are cordially invited to the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Washington Township Land Trust Looking forward to seeing you there. The ANNUAL MEETING AND POTLUCK DINNER is going VIRTUAL this year. (See Link Below) 7:00 pm December 8, 2020 Annual Meeting Election of Board